How To Remove Security Tag From Clothing


Needless to say. Never steal it . However, if you buy something and take it home and realize that the cashier has forgotten to remove the security tag, you can remove it from your clothes without going back to the store. If you want to know, just follow these simple steps.

Steps to Remove Security Tag from Clothing

Method 1 of 7: Using a rubber band 

Place the tag’s ink cartridge face down. The ink cartridge is part of the tag that protrudes from the plastic. It is on the opposite side of the pin, the round part of the tag.

Remove some of the tagged clothes from the rest of the clothes. If the sensor is cracked, move the ink as far as possible to avoid damaging your clothes.

  1. Thread a rubber band around the pins on the security tag. The rubber band should be large and thick enough to be sturdy, but thin enough to fit around the pin. The pins become loose.
  2. Hold the large part of the ink tag with one hand.

  3. Pull the pin with your other hand. The pressure on the pin should be strong enough to allow the pin to eventually pop out or easily detach from the rest of the tag.
    • If the rubber bands are not loose enough, try again with multiple rubber bands.

Method 2 of 7: Using a Driver 

  1. Place your clothes on the floor with the ink cartridges facing up.
  2. Using a very thin flat screwdriver, place it along the edge of the protruding square pyramid.
  3. Press hard. This must be pulled up through the plastic.

  4. Keep popping around the plastic.
  5. Remove the silver paper lining. You can see a metal plate beneath it.
  6. Use a screwdriver to lift one of the metal arms that hold the pin in place.

  7. Push the pin out of the tag. The pin now easily slides through the missing hole and the tag needs to be removed.

Three of the seven ways: Tag fixed 

  1. Freeze clothes with ink tags. For best results, freeze clothing overnight.
  2. Tear open the tag. You can use the hand, pliers, or rubber band method. This way, if you make a mistake, the ink won’t spill all over the place. If the ink freezes, it cannot be spilled.

Method 4 of 7: Tap a Tag 

  1. Gently pull the tag off the clothes a few times. Do this about ten times until the pins loosen slightly.
  2. Find a large nail. The nails must be larger than the tag and the head of the nails must be at least a penny wide.
  3. Remove the tag from your clothes. Hold the long plastic part of the tag aside.

  4. Press down until the ink cartridge opens. Without applying too much force, tap repeatedly until the ink cartridge opens. You may have to hit 20 or more to get it right.
    • Be careful not to hit it too hard. Otherwise, the tag may burst.

Five of the seven ways: needle nose pliers used 

  1. Hold the security tag with the ink cartridge facing up.
  2. Hold one of the sides of the rectangular tag with a pair of pliers.
  3. Hold the other side of the tag with another pair of pliers.

  4. Using pliers, gently bend each side of the tag down. Do not bend it too hard. Otherwise, the tag will split in half, spilling ink everywhere.
  5. Continue to bend until open. This will release the pins and pop out.

Method 6 of 7: Using Brute Force on Electromagnet Tags 

  1. Put something between the tag and the head of the pin to make it loose.
  2. Bend back and forth until the pin breaks.
  3. Pull the tag straight back so that the pin comes out of the hole it originally passed through.

  4. Break the tag.

Method 7 of 7: Burning Tags 

  1. Burn the tag. Use a lighter to burn the dome-like part of the tag. Burn it for a few seconds and it will catch fire like plastic.
  2. Use a knife or similar object to cut the dome.
  3. If you keep coming in, the spring and tag will almost pop out.

Community questions and answers 

This answer was written by one of a team of experienced researchers who have verified their accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Many security tags are deactivated in stores using electromagnetic devices. Use high-power magnets such as hard drive magnets to remove them at home. Place the magnet on a flat surface and place the tag on it with the ink dome or cartridge facing down. You should hear a click sound indicating that the tag has been disabled. Shake the pin of the tag up and down to release it.

  • Can you cut the wire to remove the tag?

    This answer was written by one of a team of experienced researchers who have verified their accuracy and comprehensiveness.

    Most garment security tags have one or more pins inside that secure the cartridge to the tag body. You can cut the wire if you can use a wire cutter between the two halves of the tag, but these pins can be thick and difficult to cut. Another option is to use the Dremel tool, but both methods can damage your clothes.

  • Does this tag sound an alarm on the door?
    Yes, they are designed to sound an alarm, but not all stores do.
  • What kind of clothes should this method be used for?
    The ink is usually black or ink pen blue, so it should actually be used on dark clothing. If it’s light or white, take your time to go to the store and get rid of it.
  • Does the magnet method work with ink tags?
    It works when the ink tag needs a magnet to open in the register.
  • Need to get rid of tags in store?
    You don’t. Buy it and the good people at the counter will do it at no extra cost.
  • If you try to remove the security tag by hand, is there any chance that the fabric will tear in that area?
    If you’re not very careful, you have a chance.
  • The cashier forgot to remove the security tag, but it is deactivated and if you remove the tag yourself at home, is it a steal?
    No, if you paid for an item with a security tag attached, you didn’t steal anything. If you wish, you can return the security tag to the store, but it doesn’t have to. There are a lot of them.
  • What kind of magnet can you use to unlock the security tag?
    One of the big’U’ shapes should be strong enough. Not a holiday or chip clip magnet.
  • How do I get it out if ink spills on my clothes?
    I really can’t. Also, be careful not to touch it if it gets wet, as it may irritate your skin.
  • Cut a piece of cardstock with scissors and slide it under the ink part of the alarm to prevent the ink from spreading all over the clothing when taken off.
  • Do not do this before you leave the store
  • Using a lighter method, place the tag with the dot (rectangular tag) facing up, melt the dot down until the metal is exposed, use two flaps to hold the pin in place, bend the tab back and attach the security tag. Can be removed. .
  • You can also open the walnut style with pliers.
  • This works for rectangular tabs with round pin fasteners.
  • Sometimes stores use magnets to remove magnets. As with Cole, place two magnets on the side of the pinning area to take it out. Alternatively, place a strong magnet (neodymium) on the protruding plastic part and pull out the pins.
  • Use a power drill. Drill on the opposite arm side. It takes a few seconds. The plastic has a soft drill.
  • For those that are rectangular and contain ink, you can simply use the grinding wheel on the back and have a pin with a small groove inside to cover the ink side with tape.
  • Use a hammer. It’s a bit Neanderthal, but without ink it works with 3-4 smashes. Turn the security tag sideways to increase efficiency.


  • Watch your hands when using a screwdriver!
  • This method does not work with ink tags. It’s a good idea to put your clothing in the freezer to harden the ink before trying.
  • Don’t steal.

What you need 

  • Thin flat screwdriver.
  • hammer
  • Both hands (or friends!)
  • You can use a sharp knife instead of a screwdriver, as it is easier to cut it out than to tear off the plastic pyramid.