Fix Outlook “”Not Implemented” Error Unable to Send Email


After upgrading my workstation my Outlook 2013 has stopped working , building Windows 10 Insider Preview 17046 . Specifically, Outlook was unable to send emails, send/receive all folders, or initiate account setup. Outlook does not provide additional information if you receive an “Not implemented” error message. The irony is the error message. “Was this information helpful?”

Sending/receiving all folders is not implemented.

This guide will help you troubleshoot and fix Microsoft Outlook showing ” Not implemented” error.

Check for other Office programs

If you experience problems with Microsoft Outlook right after the upgrade, it is recommended to check whether other Office applications are working. Launch Word, PowerPoint or Excel to see if that application runs without errors. Make sure the validity of your Office license is still valid. In my case, it also showed weird behavior when trying to launch other Microsoft Office applications. If this happens, try to repair or reinstall Microsoft Office.

To repair, go to: Settings > Apps & Features > Find Microsoft Office (your version) Professional Plus 2013. Select the item and click “Edit”.

This will launch the installer and finish by selecting Repair and Continue.

Try recreating the Outlook.OST file

You can recreate the Outlook OST file in another way. In the worst and simplest case, it is to create a backup and remove the existing files. You can find the OST file in the path below.

%localappdata% MicrosoftOutlook

The reason I recommend this method is that there are often times when Outlook is unresponsive or corrupted and there is no way to recreate it through the UI. Assuming you use Exchange and IMAP, all your mails are also stored on the server, so you just need to delete the OST file that will not lose your emails. What you will lose is local rules or folders you create later. Here is an example of not being able to access “Account Settings” in Outlook not starting its own recovery cycle

I am getting the following error:

Meter connection warning

Connections you metered may incur additional charges, and we have confirmed that this Office program can access online content. You may want to:

  • Go offline by tapping or clicking the network icon and turning on airplane mode.
  • Connecting to a Wi-Fi or LAN network that is not being measured
  • Check the status of your data plan with your carrier

Upgrade in progress

Mailboxes are currently being optimized in the process of upgrading to Outlook 2013. This one-time process can take 15 minutes or more and can affect performance while the optimization is in progress.

None of the above messages really help in diagnosing what really happened, nor did they provide any advice to fix the problem. So, if this happened to you, try one of the two tips above. I hope that Outlook can go back and work fine again.