1-2 Eggs Boiled In The Morning.. “Contains The Finest Protein”


Due to the highly pathogenic AI (avian influenza) outbreak, more than 15% (more than 10 million) of laying hens are killed, resulting in a decrease in egg supply. As the price of eggs is soaring, people who are looking for health foods are getting worse.

If you boil eggs the day before and eat 1-2 eggs in the morning, it becomes a nutritious convenience meal. There is a feeling of satiety, which helps prevent overeating for lunch and diet.

Korean eggs have been exported to Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore until recently, and have been well received locally than eggs of the United States and Japan. The Egg Research Association selected and announced six reasons why K-eggs are evaluated as excellent and safe.

First, K-eggs are the only livestock products in Korea with almost 100% self-sufficiency. Second, since 2019, it has been the first in the world to mandate the labeling of spawning dates on egg shells. This means that eggs distributed in Korea are fresh.

Third, household edible eggs are distributed hygienically through 438 kinds of inspection (residual substances, water quality, salmonella, etc.) and washing, sorting, and packaging. Fourth, regardless of the spawning date, thorough temperature control is undertaken from production to distribution. This means that consumers can take them fresh if they are refrigerated after purchase.

Fifth, K-eggs are essential foods for coping with Corona 19. Each pill contains about 7g of the finest protein. Sixth, eggs are rich in various nutrients such as vitamins A and E, which have antioxidant effects, vitamin D, which helps overcome depression and strengthen immunity, and calcium that strengthens bones and soothes mood.

In particular, the egg yolk contains plenty of vitamin D, which is produced when exposed to the sun, and it is an essential nutrient in these days when you cannot go out. For people who are at increased risk for sarcopenia due to social distancing and refraining from going out, eggs can help protect muscles.

Due to the prolonged corona 19, the demand for eggs is increasing at home and abroad. The UK’s leading Lion egg also rose 18.4% (1.2 billion additional supplies) in retail sales last year, swept by Corona 19. Chairman Lee Sang-jin of the Egg Research Association said, “Although the supply of eggs is insufficient due to AI, it is time for all farmers to do their best to promote the safety and excellence of domestic eggs and to ensure that domestic eggs are well supplied.